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Frequently Asked Questions

There are new home FAQs that seem to top every list.

Of course, there are the basics, like home prices and future amenities. But, to us, there are so many questions that go unasked – ones that can truly help shape your idea of your future home. Our new home FAQs have you covered, see below to learn more about what Riceland will have to offer.


Who are the home builders at Riceland?
What is the price point?
Will the development really bring 4,000 new homes to Mont Belvieu?


What is a “master-planned community”?
What is the benefit of a master-planned community?
Where will Riceland be located within Mont Belvieu?
Mont Belvieu has a nice hometown feel. Will this change that?
What’s the story behind “Riceland”?
What is the connection between Riceland and the City’s new downtown/town center?


What school district will Riceland be zoned to?
What schools would my child be going to in BHISD?


What are the HOA dues?
What is the tax rate? 
Are my tax dollars being used toward the Riceland development?
Will the City’s utility system be able to handle the additional needs?
Who is paying for the development of Riceland?
What is a MUD?

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